Tablature Explanation

Tablature -  (also known as - tabs, tabliture, tabilature, tabalature, notation, sheet music, street music or tableture among other names.)  

Description - It is a six-line staff represents the guitar fingerboard.  The top line indicates the 'high E'.  (NOTE:  this is sometimes in reverse order)

1st string E (high E)
2nd string B
3rd string G
4th string D
5th string A
6th string E

E _________________________________ 
B  _________________________________
G _________________________________
D _________________________________
A _________________________________
E _________________________________

The tablature author puts a number on the appropriate line indicating which fret should be played on that string.  The number 0 means to play the string open.  The number 1 means to play the string with your finger holding it down on the 1st fret.  The number 2 means the second fret and so on..


Advanced Tablature Notations - Extended tablature notations are listed below.  Feel free to submit more if you have them.

Bend -  Strike the note and bend up 1/2 step (one fret) or whole step (two frets)

Pre-Bend - Bend the note up 1/2 or whole step, then strike it.

Bend and Release - Strike the note and bend up1/2 or whole step, then release the bend back to the original note.  All 3 notes are tied: only the 1st note is struck

Unison Bend - Strike the 2 notes simultaneously and bend the lower note to the pitch of the higher note.     

Vibrato - Vibrate the note by rapidly bending the string.

Pull-Off - Place both fingers on the notes to be sounded.  Strike the (higher) note, then play the lower note by pulling the finger off the higher note.

Palm Mute - With the right hand, partially mute the note by lightly touching the string just before the bridge. 

Wide or Exaggerated Vibrato - Vibrate the pitch to a greater degree with a left-hand finger or the tremolo bar

Trill or trull - Very rapidly alternate between the note  and the small note in parentheses by hammering on and pulling of

Muffled Strings - Lay the left hand across the strings without depressing them to the fret-board then strike the strings with the right hand, producing a percussive sound.

Slide - Strike the 1st note and then with the same left-hand finger move up the string to the 2nd note.  The 2nd note is struck or not struck.

Pick Slide - Rub the pick edge down the the string to produce a scratchy sound.

Tapping - Hammer ("tap") the fret indicated with the right hand index or middle finger and pull off to the note fretted by the left hand.

Natural Harmonic - With a left-hand finger, lightly touch the string over the fret , then strike it.  A chime-like sound is produced.

Artificial Harmonic - Fret the note normally and sound the harmonic by adding the right hand thumb edge or index finger tip to the normal pick

Tremolo Picking - Pick the note as rapidly and continuously as possible


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